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Second Installment of Best-Selling FirstOUT Series Soon on DVD
Annual Gay Short Film Compilation Includes Stories of Jealousy, Seduction, Coming of Age and More


Los Angeles, California, January 7th, 2008 - Alluvial Filmworks’ best-selling annual gay short film DVD series continues with its second installment, FirstOUT 2, available in stores on April 8, 2008. With stories filled with jealously, seduction, coming of age and with formats ranging from black and white to a silent film, FirstOUT 2 continues its tradition of including a variety of content reflecting stories that the gay community can relate to.

FirstOUT is an important annual DVD series for our entertainment division, Alluvial Filmworks, because it represents a key mission of the brand — highlighting budding talent in the film industry,” said Ron Miller, President of Village Lighthouse, Inc., the parent company of Alluvial Filmworks. “People are hungry for film content created by upcoming talent with their own fresh perspective. The sales of our initial FirstOUT DVD release definitely reflect this.”

Major retailers including Blockbuster,, Virgin Megastore, TLA Video, Book of the Month Club, Borders and Netflix carry the original FirstOUT DVD release as well as local community retailers throughout the world.

FirstOUT 2 begins with Nathan Brunskill’s silent, yet moving, film, Connected. It tells the story of two lonesome people who found each other via a chance encounter on a subway train. They experience happiness in one another for a brief moment in their lives until circumstances out of their control rip them apart.

In Borga Dorter’s story of temptation, Thermopylae, classics teacher Nathan Radford succumbs to the innocent seduction of one of his students, Andrew Beckman. When he sees Andrew and his father outside of the Principal’s office the following morning, Nathan is overwhelmed with guilt, worry and fear for the consequences his impulsive actions will have on his life.

Broderick Fox’s Love, Death, & Cars is a story about friendship, loyalty, and those sudden, unpredictable moments of crisis, which force people to stop and question who they are and what truly matters in their lives. It is a film that challenges the boundaries of love and the limits of friendship through the simple question, “What happens if you’re lucky enough to find your soul mate, but the two of you aren’t sexually compatible?”

The Love Within, by Corey Ziemniak, follows three college students — Ethan, Meg and Josh — whose intense friendship turns emotionally cataclysmic when unspoken attractions come to light. The inescapable truths of the heart will not only test their bond of friendship, but also the level of truth in each other and themselves.

On a lighter note, the hilarious black and white film Sexy Grandpa by Amy Taylor, shows that lust, jealousy and betrayal are human emotions that span all ages. In her film, the ladies at Hillcrest Homes find their daily lives turned upside down when Rod Pike (a.k.a. Sexy Grandpa) moves into their tranquil community. Gladys and Ethel, two long-time friends who live at Hillcrest, go wild for Rod. In a series of maneuvers that resemble the antics of junior high school girls, Gladys and Ethel compete with one another to win Rod’s affection. In the end, however, both ladies realize that their competition has been in vain.

FirstOUT 2 rounds out with a story from Alexandra Steele filled with intense homoeroticism and homophobia. In Like a Brother, two neighborhood high school boys’ friendship dissolves after a Labor Day picnic turns dangerous. Andy is a muscular basketball player and Nick is the pale, awkward freshman who admires him. Their families share the day together and a fishing expedition is the setting for the bubbling over of building homoeroticism between the two.

The suggested retail price of FirstOUT 2 is $22.95 and the running time is approximately 73 minutes. High-resolution imagery and an extensive press kit with additional information about the short films are available on the FirstOUT Press Page. The DVD is available for online at and and will also be available at local community retailers upon release.

Alluvial Filmworks is an entertainment distribution division of Village Lighthouse, Inc. With a program library including feature-length films, short film compilations, stage shows and television series, Alluvial Filmworks prides itself in offering hard-to-find content through its international DVD, broadcast, download-to-own and video-on-demand distribution. And while its collection includes award-winning titles, Alluvial Filmworks believes firmly in its mission to share work from artists whose impressive skills have yet to be widely discovered.

Village Lighthouse, Inc. is a leading manufacturer, distributor and retailer of gay and lesbian oriented merchandise. Its wholesale divisions, including 10%, PROVOCATEUR and Alluvial Filmworks, distribute greeting cards, calendars, posters, postcards, movies, magnets, cologne, male pheromones and other paper products internationally to over 500 accounts. Village Lighthouse’s retail divisions include, the leading online shopping destination for the gay community, and OutGreetings an e-card and event planning service that caters to the gay and lesbian community. For more information about Village Lighthouse and its divisions, visit its corporate website at


Press Contact:
Julian Hobson
(888) 910-7372 or (818) 778-0802
Extension 125

Sales Contact:
Ron Miller
(888) 910-7372 or (818) 778-0802
Extension 223
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   Press Contact
   Press Contact:
   Julian Hobson
   (888) 910-7372 or (818) 778-0802
   Extension 125

   Sales Contact:
   Ron Miller
   (888) 910-7372 or (818) 778-0802
   Extension 223
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